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Whitmire Fine Jewelry, a jewelry store that specializes in both handcrafted jewelry and fine jewelry, approached Coastal Media Solutions with the goal of increasing foot traffic, sales, and brand awareness. Their target audience was local residents over the age of 40. As a small business, Whitmire Fine Jewelry needed an effective marketing strategy that would generate a significant return on investment (ROI).



The results of the campaign were impressive. The client's sales increased from a baseline of $500k to: 

  • +26% in year 1

  • +81% in year 2

  • +73% in year 3 


Social media impressions increased to 1.4m, a change of 1000%. Social media engagements increased to 65,433, an increase of 441%. The total audience on social media grew by 204%. The advertising campaign in the local newspaper also generated significant foot traffic and sales.


The objectives for this campaign were to increase foot traffic and sales, as well as to increase brand awareness. The challenge for Coastal Media Solutions was to create a strategy that would effectively communicate the value of Whitmire Fine Jewelry's products to their target audience.

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Our strategy revolved around Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads. We also implemented an advertising campaign in the local newspaper to reach a broader audience. To create compelling content for social media and Google Ads, we worked closely with the client to understand their brand and target audience. We created professional, high-quality images of the jewelry with subtle backgrounds that complemented the designs. We wrote copy that was friendly and conversational, emphasizing the jewelry gift-giving experience and the memories it would create.


To execute the strategy, we implemented a photography package from scratch. Each week, a photographer took a lightbox and a 100mm macro lens into the store to photograph the jewelry. Sometimes the jewelry was taken off-site to a specific location like the beach or the forest. Once the images were captured, they were uploaded to the Google Drive and sent to a professional jewelry photo editing agency. The turnaround time was 4-5 days.

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Coastal Media Solutions successfully developed and executed a comprehensive marketing strategy for Whitmire Fine Jewelry, resulting in increased foot traffic, sales, and brand awareness. Our focus on social media and Google Ads, coupled with professional photography and compelling copy, proved to be a winning combination for this small business. With a proven track record of delivering results for our clients, Coastal Media Solutions is the perfect partner for any business looking to increase their brand's visibility and generate a positive ROI.

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